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GST Invoicing & Lead Management CRM for Small Business

BORG CRM Facilitates GST Invocing Management & Its inbuilt unique algorithm ensures lead capturing directly From Website & Other Web Portals.

GST Invoicing

Generate and manage GST Invoicing hassel free in seconds followed by direct printing & Mailing.

Lead Capturing

BORG CRM captures & notify leads from all cross marketing channels campaign automatically.

Propect Connecting

BORG CRM brings Team, Prospects & Customers on same platform & helps them remain connected.

Lead Conversion

BORG CRM enables sales team for high lead conversion by systmatic capturing, followups, Tracking.

What BORG CRM Does ?

Generate & Manage GST Invoices

BORG CRM makes very easy to generate GST enabled complex Invoices & Proforma Invoices. It takes only few seconds to generate GST Invoice with automatic calculations. It enables to take direct print out with single print command or can be saved in pdf or can be mailed directly to customers.

  • Generate Hassel free GST Invoice with automatic calculations
  • Automatic GST Calculations & Print in GST approved format
  • Manage all invoices with options modify, delete or cancel if needed
  • Store all Invoices for future needs & get auto calculations of total sale unit & total sale ammount oe can be filtered by customers, duration, product or service etc.
  • It also facilitates with option of generating & managing proforma invoices

Lead Capture, Assign & Follow-ups

BORG CRM plays unique role in tracking of progress of entire sales & marketing automation & bound to increase conversion rate by every individual sales person. Leadofy allows enterprise to keep an eye on every leads.

  • Capture leads directly from websites & SEO/SMO Campaign
  • Avoid to loose any visitor from website
  • SMS & Email notification on to visitor & enterprise on lead reporting
  • Record follow-up history of every lead
  • Track the progress of every lead
  • Follow-up SMS & email alerts to sales team
  • SMS & Email notification to prospect on adding new lead to leadofy

4 Level hierarchical Supervision

Transparent system leads to enhance productivity of team & thus enterprises. 4-Level supervision enables to involve & supervise every sales individual from bottom to top. Close supervision ensures not to loose even a single lead & maximum satisfaction among team members.

  • Allows close supervision from bottom to top
  • Transparent sales process
  • Team Performance tracking from anywhere at any time
  • Branch supervision from remote
  • Save time & increase Productivity

Individual Performance Tracking

Individual performance can be evaluated by all 4 level managers down the line base on reporting system & Any sales Individual can track his/her own performance any time & anywhere results self satisfaction & helps to meet sales target in time.

  • Managers can track any individual performance in real time
  • Any individual can track its own performance in real time
  • Helps to meet target in time
  • Helps individual to ensure conversion of max leads

Analytical Reports

Analytical Reports plays great role for any decision maker at all levels in the enterprise. BORG CRM produces more than 21+ Reports automatically to have real time progress reports of enterprise’s sales process. Some of critical reports are as follows-

  • 21+ Real time analytical reports
  • Reports based on marketing channels
  • Reports based on Individual lead generation & Conversion in Real time
  • Report based on demography
  • Reports based on products & services.

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